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The Chang Law Firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Our firm’s philosophy has been to think outside the box and providing the BEST service to ALL our clients, from the migrant Mexican worker to the CEO of an international company.  We are not afraid to litigate where we must nor will we waste our clients time with litigation when it is not necessary.  Also, of course the firm’s success is through hard work, hard work and hard work.  We are opened from 8:30am to 7:30pm Monday through Fridays.  We are also opened Saturdays by appointment.  Further, there is always a live person to answer your calls during those hours.

Here are just some success stories the firm has achieved for our clients:

- Successfully defended a client in a multi-million dollar three day jury trial.
- Successfully returned the foreclosed home from Bank of America to a client months after the home was foreclosed upon and had the Court strike the sale due to equitable grounds (client did a modification himself and signed off on the modification documents, sent in the cashier’s check and the bank still foreclosed on the home the very next month).
- Successfully returned the foreclosed home to client months after the home was foreclosed upon and the Court strike the sale due to errors in the foreclosure documents (the bank filed documents for an entirely different home with the Court).
- Successfully modified the mortgage after the client did not pay on the loan for nearly three years and had the bank reduced the principal by over $500,000.00.
- Successfully extinguish the second mortgage on client’s home through the HAMP 2MP program.
- Successfully got an injunction from the Court 1 day before the foreclosure sale.
- Successfully settled debt for over $100,000.00 to less than a few thousand dollars.
- Successfully got a client her permanent greencard a week after the firm filed the client’s response with the USCIS (literally client received permanent greencard in hand a week after).
- Successfully  obtained the H1 visa for a client in less than 1 week after the firm filed the client’s application with the USCIS.

If you have been wronged whether in terms of wrongful eviction, wrongful foreclosure, wrongful death or just hurt in a car accident, call the firm immediately!  We can get you the results that no other firm can get you.  Our professional staff and attorneys are here to assist in any matter from Accidents to Wills.

Again, we are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 7:30 pm EST. Saturdays by Appointment ONLY. So, call 240-364-2800 immediately!